Our Story

Weaver’s Furniture Barn is a family owned, multigenerational, and community integrated business. What does that mean? Let us tell you the story.

Our business was started back in the 1980’s by James Weaver as a produce market. We specialized in family-raised sweet corn, cantaloupes, pumpkins, etc.

retro barn
Initially, we sold out of a yard down the road from our current location. To add to the variety, we began to offer some farm items and furniture, like butter churns and corner cabinets. Gradually the demand for furniture took over the produce market. In 1985 we purchased the old Halfway Tavern, and converted it to a store front. Over the next 10 years, we expanded our showroom space and began offering a wider variety of furniture, toys, and home decór.

Stroll through our showroom today, and you will find a wide variety of lovely Amish-built furniture, rustic home décor, and unique games. Or have a seat in our catalog corner to browse the available options, and customize your dream furniture, picking the options that perfectly suit your style.

By serving the needs of our customers, we discovered the niche we fill today. We endeavor to supply our friends and neighbors with quality-built home furnishings. The majority of our indoor furniture is crafted at local shops.

Through time our business has grown. We now include a second generation with James Ray (also known as JR) and Julia Weaver in charge of the retail business, and training in the third generation. Mom and Pop continue to help out with behind the scenes management.

We help connect you with top of the line furniture manufacturers and suppliers. Most manufacturers are too busy to deal with the individual, but we capitalize on their area of expertise, to bring you the furniture of your dreams.

Custom Finishes & Custom Designs

If you look through our catalogs and still don’t find what you are looking for, perhaps we can design and build what you dream. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

There are a few drawbacks on special custom-made furniture you should be aware of. One is the timeframe. We take special orders on a “first come, first serve” basis. At some times during the year the lead time may stretch out for weeks or even months. Another drawback is price. Costs can be saved when furniture is production run. When we make furniture to exact specifications, it takes more planning and attention to details. You can expect that custom made furniture may cost from one and a half to twice the price of production run.

Another service Weaver’s Furniture Barn offers is custom finishing. Did you find the piece or set you wanted? But want to special order the finish? We can do that for you. We have offered this service for many years and have many satisfied customers.